Kolkata Police invites bids for supply and maintenance of EVs

Kolkata Police has issued a request for proposals (RfP) for supply and maintenance of 200 four-wheeler electric vehicles (EVs). According to the tender guidelines, the bidders are required to submit Rs 9 million as an earnest money deposit. The developers are also required to furnish an amount equaling 3 per cent of total contract value as a performance bank guarantee.  The EVs are required to be delivered within 60 days from the date of issuance of work contract. The project is estimated to cost Rs 440 million, including GST.

For all the components, the contractor is required to provide a warranty and an annual maintenance contract (AMC) for one and four years, respectively. The contractor will be held accountable for any damage and repair work throughout the AMC and warranty period, with no additional cost. The bid submission deadline is September 9, 2023.

Recently, in August 2023, Mahatma Phule Renewable Energy and Infrastructure Technology Limited issued a RfP to empanel agencies to develop 310 EV charging stations. The projects will be located in Maharashtra.

In July 2023, Nashik Municipal Corporation issued an RfP to set up 20 EV charging stations across various locations in the city. As a part of project, 100 two or three-wheeler chargers with capacity of (3.3 kW) AC and 20 four-wheeler Dual Gun CCS2 with capacity of (60 kW) DC will be installed.