Green Hydrogen Industrial Cluster Guidelines: UNIDO

United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO) defines green hydrogen industrial clusters (GHIC) as industrial regions or clusters that share green hydrogen (production, transport and use) and renewable energy electricity, in addition to other resources for different purposes including material production, heating and cooling, local mobility and industrial feedstock. These clusters have a great potential to accelerate the uptake of green hydrogen in local industry, supporting decarbonization and the development of new low-carbon industries.

UNIDO has developed a model for GHIC that aims to accelerate the application of locally produced green hydrogen in industrial zones, clusters and parks. It aims to serve as a replicable model through which countries can deploy green hydrogen technologies to achieve their emissions reductions and industrial production goals, as well as generate economic and social opportunities.

The UNIDO has published the first edition of Green Hydrogen Industrial Clusters Guidelines to help governments and industries accelerate industrial decarbonization by replacing fossil fuels in hard-to-abate sectors. Green Hydrogen Industrial Clusters Guidelines provides information on the multi-stakeholder engagement and coordination required for the design and implementation of an overarching policy framework for the development of the clusters.