Provaris plans solar farm of 2.6 GW for green hydrogen project

Provaris Energy, a western Australian renewables company has announced that it plans for a green hydrogen project – Tiwi H2. The green hydrogen produced from this project will be exported across the Asian-Pacific region, particularly Singapore, Japan, China, and South Korea.

Situated on the Tiwi Islands, the solar farm will support a capacity of 2.6 GWp and is anticipated to encompass a 2,640-hectare area. It will utilise a single-axis tracking system to produce more than 5,000 GWh of sustainable energy annually, which will be transmitted to the hydrogen manufacturing and shipment areas through a four-circuit, 30 km long, 275 kV transmission line.

With the objective to achieve financial closure by 2024 and to start operations in 2027, the company has already acquired land agreements with important stakeholders. A report by CE Partners, an engineering consultancy, brings the project one step close to its operations by detailing about the completion of design feasibility report, transmission system and concept design achievement to a 30 per cent level.

Based on the manufacturing predictions, the company has increased the anticipated peak green hydrogen manufacturing and shipment volume to 90,000 tonnes annually. It intends to investigate optimisation techniques to lower power losses and enhance equipment design and choice. Furthermore, the company is in talks with possible joint venture partners to help in the development of project. It has already handed over the draft and land agreements to Tiwi land council.