Argentina awards 633.7 MW of renewable projects

Argentina’s Ministry of Energy has announced the results of the renewable energy generation tender under RenMDI2 programme. There were two categories involved: group 1, with a total capacity of 500 MW and group 2, with a capacity of 120 MW. The ministry has chosen 98 projects totalling 633.7 MW. Under this, 46 projects were selected in group 1 with 501.1 MW of solar PV capacity distributed across 44 projects, remaining distributed with a 3-MW biomass project and a 10 MW wind-plus-storage project. In addition, 52 projects were selected in group 2 which includes seven biomass energy proposals totalling 39 MW, 24 biogas projects of 29.9 MW, 19 small hydroelectric projects of 37.5 MW capacity and two solid urban waste plants of 13.2 MW capacity.

According to the tender guidelines, the projects in the group 1 are required to be placed in specific regions and can range in size from 3 MW to 20 MW. Meanwhile, the projects in group 2 can be located across Argentina and can range in size from 0.5 MW to 20 MW.

Energias Renovables Las Lomas SAU and Coral Consultoria en Energia SA were the biggest winners in the 500-MW category, receiving purchase power agreement for 127 MW and 110 MW of solar power, respectively.