Webinar on Overcoming Under performance Challenges in Wind Turbine Operations

Webinar Sponsored by: Onyx Insight

The mission of this webinar was to discuss the methods and solutions available to overcome the underperformance of wind power turbines and improve their energy generation. This webinar delved into the key reasons for energy losses in wind farms and explore how analysis of these losses can help improve wind turbine performance and reduce operation and maintenance (O&M) costs.

Panel included:

  • Kumud Niranjan Mishra, General Manager- Wind O&M, Hero Future Energies
  • Dr Susie Naybour, Team Leader – Machine Learning, ONYX
  • Subhakanta Nayak, Group Head Wind O&M, Tata Power Renewable Energy
  • Umesh Raichandani, Senor Manager, Operations, EDF Renewables India
  • Niraj Shah, Head – Operations & Maintainance (Wind), Apraava Energy

The panel deliberated on: 

  • What are the major challenges related to O&M of wind power plants?
  • What are the key reasons for wind turbine underperformance in India?
  • How can analysis of energy losses help in improving turbine performance?
  • What are the available solutions to ensure that the wind turbines meet optimum performance levels?
  • What is the way forward for O&M of wind turbines in India?

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Ashima Gupta
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