Trina Solar unveils TOPcon solar panel series for rooftop solar installations

Trina Solar has launched a new Vertex S+ rooftop solar module series using n-type i-TOPCon cells. The company is off­ering two versions of the panel – a monofacial module with a white backsheet and a bifacial module with a transparent backsheet. The bifacial module has a fr­ont-side power of 435 Wp at 21.8 per ce­nt efficiency while the monofacial module has a maximum power of 445 Wp and reaches 22.3 per cent efficiency. In comparison to its p-type competitors, the mo­dule may produce roughly 10 per cent more energy over 30 years by using n-type i-TOPCon cells.

According to Trina Solar, n-type cells have a 50 per cent lower initial deterioration and an 11 per cent lower annual po­wer attenuation. Hence, the product will be more reliable and have better energy yield over the duration of the module’s life. Both models have a surface area of just under 2 square metres and a 21.1 kg black aluminium frame. The products support a number of mounting methods, including slide-in mounting, shared rail, crossed beam, and short- and long-side clamping.