TGS adds new locations to its US East Coast multi-client LiDAR campaign

TGS, a Norwegian energy data and technology provider, has expanded its multi-client offshore wind and metocean measurement campaign along the US East Coast. The company has deployed additional four buoys to enhance its existing data collection and wind modelling. These complement TGS’ floating light detection and ranging (LiDAR) buoy in the New York Bight.

TGS has added one buoy offshore of Massachusetts, two buoys covering the forthcoming Central Atlantic lease round, and a buoy near the New York Bight. LiDAR buoys provide data that can be used to help offshore wind stakeholders cut development costs and timelines while coping with energy uncertainty. In order to de-risk wind energy development opportunities before the lease bidding process even begins, companies can use the data and insights from floating LiDAR buoys. TGS’ Central Atlantic LiDAR buoys will provide data and insights on a subscription basis, while its floating LiDAR buoys put in Central Atlantic lease areas will provide early-stage data.

The company will use cutting-edge floating LiDAR systems from Spanish marine technology company EOLOS for all five installations. The collected data will be delivered to customers on a daily basis via TGS’ Wind AXIOM platform, a site evaluation and wind data analytics tool. TGS, an Oslo-based company, provides specialised services for the energy sector, including cloud-based data applications and solutions as well as advanced processing and analytics.