Acciona Energia to supply renewable power to Grupo Violas in Portugal

Acciona Energía, a subsidiary of a Spanish infrastructure company Acciona, has signed a ten-year power purchase agreement (PPA) with Grupo Violas, a Portuguese firm. Under the PPA, Acciona Energía will supply 55,000 MWh of green electricity a year to Grupo Violas’ subsidiaries, which include Solverde, Clip and Cotesi. Rede Elétrica Nacional, the state power company of Portugal, will have issued certificates of 100 per cent Renewable Guarantees of Origin for the clean energy via its Entidade Emissora de Garantias de Origem platform.

With the agreement, Grupo Violas should be able to offset more than 10,000 tonnes of carbon emissions annually. Additionally, Acciona Energía has contracts in place with other clients in Portugal, including Fnac, Makro, NH Hotels, Siemens, and Vidrala. The corporation holds 166 MW of renewable power capacity in Portugal, which includes the 46 MWp Amareleja project, one of the largest solar assets on the Iberian Peninsula.

In December 2022, Acciona Energía agreed to purchase the Cunningham battery energy storage system (BESS) project in Texas from Qcells. The Cunningham facility, which is 55 miles from Dallas, is expected to come online in 2023 and would be the largest operating battery energy storage project in Texas.