Seriti Resources’ unit to develop largest wind farm in South Africa

Seriti Resources’ green energy unit subsidiary proposes to build a wind farm in Mpumalanga, South Africa. Seriti Resources has agreed to purchase power from the farm on a long-term basis. Seriti Green will construct the 155 MW facility. With an estimated $235 million in investment, this project is expected to become the largest wind farm in the country.

It will be constructed in the country’s coal-rich Mpumalanga province to power Seriti Resources’ coal mining operations. This facility will provide approximately 75 per cent of the power needed for the company’ operations. Over the following few years, Seriti Resources intends to construct the infrastructure required to provide 900 MW of green energy. Additionally, the company’s renewable resources unit is negotiating with customers to acquire the energy produced by the infrastructure.

In January 2023, Enel Green Power signed 220 MW power purchase agreements with Air Liquide and Sasol in South Africa. The largest oxygen production facility in the world, operated by Air Liquide at Sasol’s Secunda location, would begin receiving renewable energy from EGP in 2025.