ReNew Power inaugurates first 3x platform wind turbine generators in India

ReNew Power announced that it has installed India’s first 3x platform wind turbine generators (WTG) in Gadag, Karnataka. The WTGs are 128-140m tall and have a nameplate capacity of 3.3-3.465 MW. They provide significantly more capacity than models previously installed in India which typically have a nameplate capacity of 2-3 MW. The new wind turbines will be part of the country’s first ‘Round The Clock’ renewable energy project and will combine wind, solar, and a battery energy storage system.This project will generate enough energy to power over 1 million Indian households annually. ReNew completed the on-site installations of the WTGs in 5 days each.

ReNew Power has now installed more than 400 MW of WTGs at various sites in Karnataka and Gujarat led by a specialised wind engineering procurement and construction (EPC) team. With these installations and the new WTGs, ReNew will be able to meet its overall portfolio of 13.4 GW. In addition, 1500 MW of wind power projects are under construction in Karnataka, Maharashtra and Gujarat, with completion scheduled for 2023. Additional installations of three platform WTGs are planned for other locations.

Recently in January 2023, the new Norwegian Climate Investment Fund, managed by Norfund in collaboration with KLP, Norway’s largest pension company announced that it will make its first investment of Rs 900 million in a ReNew Power transmission project in India. Norfund and KLP will invest approximately Rs 900 million in ReNew Power for a 49 percent ownership stake in ReNew’s transmission project in the Koppal district of Karnataka, with plans for additional joint investments.

Additionally, in December 2022, ReNew Power announced signing of a renewable energy agreement of 150 MW with Microsoft India. As part of the arrangement, ReNew will produce 150 MW of clean energy from a recently commissioned solar site near Bikaner.