Jakson and Power Africa Solution sign MoU to form Jakson Green Africa

Jakson Green, a new energy transition platform largely driven by Jakson Group has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with South Africa based Power Africa Solutions Limited. This MoU intends to form a joint venture named Jakson Green Africa. This step has been taken in line with the BRICS mission of promoting development and cooperation among member countries. Jakson Group with its expertise in providing green energy solutions will be helping to support South Africa’s energy needs.

Jakson Group announced the establishment of its new division Jakson Green in July 2022. This new segment was developed to focus on new and emerging areas in the renewable energy sector like green hydrogen, ammonia, waste to energy, electrolysers, fuel cells, utility-scale battery energy storage systems, solar, and related operations and maintenance services.

Recently in September 2022, Virescent Renewable Energy Trust intended to purchase approximately 100 MW solar projects from Jakson Group. The Jakson acquisition would elevate the total operational solar capacity of Virescent to 600 MW. This would help the company to achieve its goal of acquiring a 1.5 GW portfolio of assets over the next two to three years. 


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