US-India strategic clean energy partnership reviews the bilateral efforts

In the meeting of the US-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership (SCEP) the critical importance of bilateral clean energy engagement to strengthen energy security and to accelerate clean, secure, and just energy transition was underscored. Through regular consultations on global energy markets, efforts to strengthen collective energy security, and deepening technical engagement to support economy-wide decarbonisation, both countries are proactively addressing the multiple crises that the world faces through this partnership.

During the engagements, a review was done for the progress across the entire spectrum of the energy sector partnership. It also welcomed the increased clean energy collaboration between stakeholders of both countries which is facilitating expanded clean energy investment including in emerging technologies.

The enhanced bilateral efforts are as follows. One, strengthening the power grid to ensure reliable, affordable, and resilient clean energy supply including through smart grids and energy storage. Two, assessing grid-integrated buildings, electric vehicles (EV), and other distributed energy resources to support load management. Three, advancing renewable energy development. Four, advancing energy efficiency and conservation in appliances, buildings and the industrial sector. Five, electrifying and decarbonising the transportation sector including creating an enabling ecosystem through setting up EV financing services facilities in India. Six, reducing emissions across the oil and gas value chain including efforts at deploying methane detection and abatement technologies. Seven, decarbonising the industrial sector through efforts at electrification, carbon capture and storage, and deployment of other clean emerging energy technologies. Eight, deepening cooperation between Indian and the US labs and agencies.



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