Rayzon launches 540 W bifacial solar module

Rayzon Solar has unveiled a monocrystalline half-cut bifacial module, which includes a 10-busbar design and a tra­nsparent backsheet. The three versions of the L’Lios panel range in power output from 530 W to 540 W and have a power conversion efficiency of between 20.59 per cent and 20.98 per cent. The open-circuit voltage ranges from 48.8 V to 49.3 V, and the short-circuit current ra­n­ges from 13.38 A to 13.51 A. The panel weighs 28.6 kg and has dimensions of 2,272 mm x 1,133 mm x 40 mm. It featu­res an aluminium alloy frame and 3.2 mm tempered anti-reflective glass co­ns­truction. Additionally, it has an IP68 en­closure and a 1,500 V maximum system voltage. The panel’s operational te­m­p­erature spans from -40 °Celsius to 85 °Celsius, and its temperature coefficient is -0.39 per cent per °Celsius. They are backed by a 30-year linear power output guarantee and a 12-year product guarantee. Reportedly, there is a 2 per cent degradation in the first year, and the power output at the end of 30 years is guaranteed to be at least 83 per cent of the nominal output power.