Jakson launches new Helia series modules

The Jakson Group has launched the Helia Series monofacial modules, an advanced and powerful range of PV modules with variations in the range of 120, 132, 144 and 156 half-cut cell configurations. The module series, which is 100 per cent electro luminescence-tested to ensure a defect-free product, achieves a class-leading efficiency of over 21 per cent by utilising A+ category half-cut mono PERC solar cells and combining them with multi-busbar technology and high density interconnections. These hi-tech modules offer significantly better generation at high temperature and under low-light and shading conditions. The PV modules are built with outstanding anti-potential induced degradation properties, allowing them to function optimally even in the harshest of conditions.

The Helia series is reportedly a cost-effective option with a lower requirement for land or rooftop area. It helps reduce the levellised cost of energy, civil work, and operations and maintenance expenses, and streamlines the balance of system. The modules are protected by a performance guarantee of 25 years and a product warranty of 12 years. They are a suitable option for residential, commercial and utility-scale installations.