Ingeteam unveils power station for large solar and storage plants

Ingeteam has unveiled its INGECON SUN FSK power station that is suitable for large-scale photovoltaic (PV) plants and storage systems owing to its high nominal power, which may reach 7.65 MW of medium voltage output power. The power station can integrate one or two 1,500 VDC inverters (PV or battery), which allows all types of configurations and project sizes. As per the company’s statement, the INGECON SUN FSK po­wer station will be supplied as a turnkey solution as all the elements are installed on a single full skid or steel plat­form and connected in the factory. This helps in making installation and connection work as simple as possible in the field. The so­­lution can be easily tr­a­nsported by la­nd or sea. The LV/MV po­wer transfor­mer, the transformer oil tank, the medium voltage cells and the auxiliary servi­ces are all integrated into this power station. This helps in optimising the use of the available space.