HSBC to commit Rs 1.25 billion for greener initiatives

HSBC has committed Rs 1.25 billion for green initiates and energy transition projects in India for a period of five years. The initiatives include wetland conservation and energy transition projects in India. As per the commitment, the company has segregated the works into two broad domains including energy transition and nature-based solutions. 

According to the company, the nature-based solutions undertaken will include projects to protect and revitalise wetlands, mangroves, and forests, as well as landscape restoration and the promotion of sustainable agriculture. Renewables and energy efficiency programmes will be included to support the shift to renewables and scale efficiency initiatives in sectors such as healthcare, dairy cold chain, and productive energy use by communities. 

The company has partnered with non-profit institutions like WWF India and India Resources Trust to roll out actions across eight states, focusing on energy transition in the healthcare and dairy cold chain sectors, conservation of wetlands and mangroves and landscape restoration. The partnership with the civil society organisations aims to deliver integrated clean energy solutions of 300 kW at healthcare facilities, covering Jharkhand, Maharashtra, West Bengal and Assam. 


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