RW Roundtable: Green Corporate PPA Market in India

Date: October 7, 2022

The green corporate power purchase agreement (PPA) route has gained immense interest in the Indian market. Under this route, the customer directly signs an agreement with the project developer for the purchase of renewable energy for a predetermined time period and tariff. The key drivers for the growth of this market have been high grid tariffs, falling renewable energy tariffs (especially for solar) ambitious climate goals of corporates, innovative business models, favourable policy impetus from the states in the form of exemptions in open access charges, etc. The recent introduction of the Green Energy Open Access Rules has given new life to this segment.

However, the corporate renewable PPA market in India has struggled due to regulatory uncertainties, especially in open access charges, net metering and approvals, which have been exacerbated by the pandemic, supply chain disruptions, and import restrictions and duties. Despite these issues, the future outlook for the green corporate PPA market in India looks bright given the increasing awareness among corporates (even in Tier 2 and 3 cities) to shift to renewables and reduce their operational expenditure. Going forward, interesting times are ahead for this market as corporates are demanding round-the-clock renewables from developers and are also exploring green power purchase from the exchanges.

In light of the constantly changing market dynamics with respect to policies, regulations, technologies and business models, Renewable Watch is organising a webinar to provide an understanding of the opportunities and challenges in the adoption of green corporate PPAs in India.

We hope that the webinar will provide a platform for a useful exchange of information and ideas on the strategies to further increase the uptake of green corporate PPAs in India. The webinar is targeted at renewable energy developers, corporates from different business verticals, technology providers, policymakers, consultancies and research organisations, financial institutions, and other experts.

The panel will discuss questions such as:

  • What have been the growth trends in the green corporate PPA market over the years? What has been the impact of global supply chain disruptions on these projects?
  • Which are the key pain points for all the stakeholders (developers, consumers, and utilities) in this market? What are the suggestions to solve these challenges?
  • What kind of innovations are being witnessed in business models? Which is the most preferred business model in this space?
  • How well are developers prepared to provide hybrid renewable power to corporates? Is there any demand emerging for green hydrogen in hard-to-abate sectors?


The webinar is being organised by Renewable Watch magazine, which covers the entire spectrum of clean energy – wind, solar, bioenergy, green hydrogen, storage, small hydro, EV charging and other emerging technologies. It aims to provide accurate information to track investments and projects, showcase innovations and technologies, and offer a platform for debate and discussion on policy, regulation, and financing. 

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