RPM meeting held by the Cabinet for power utilities in India

A Review Planning & Monitoring (RPM) meeting with states and state power utilities was conducted in the first week of August 2022. During the meeting the union minister launched the tenth Integrated Rating of Power Distribution Utilities, first Consumer Service Rating of Discoms and Bharat eSmart Mobile Application. Also, for the nationwide deployment of smart metering, a free mobile application was also launched. This mobile app will be based on the data from the smart metres and would provide consumers with important information about their electricity usage and remaining balance both in terms of units and money. The app would provide consumers with real time information about their electricity usage as well as alerts and notifications. The app offers a variety of payment and recharge options.

The meeting also discussed multiple issues of national importance in the power sector with a focus on sector viability and sustainability. These included the liquidation of government department’s electricity and subsidy dues; advancement in prepaid smart metering in government departments; establishment of robust systems of energy and subsidy accounting, timely fixation of regular and true-up tariffs; timely finalisation of utility accounts; progress of feeder and DT metering and progress on Revamped Distribution Sector Scheme.