Harnessing Green Hydrogen in India: Report

The recent report of NITI Aayog and RMI on Harnessing Green Hydrogen – Opportunities for Deep Decarbonisation provides ten actionable steps that can guide a National Action Plan on Green Hydrogen.

  • A detailed roadmap focused on all aspects of ‘Green Hydrogen’
  • Intervene on the supply-side to reduce the cost of green hydrogen to $1/kg
  • Establish mandates and provide incentives to achieve a green hydrogen production capacity of 160 GW
  • Build manufacturing capacity totalling 25GW by 2030 coupled with supportive manufacturing and R&D investments
  • Initiate green hydrogen standards and a labelling programme
  • Promotion of exports of green hydrogen and green hydrogen-embedded products through a global hydrogen alliance
  • Facilitate investment through demand aggregation and dollar-based bidding for green hydrogen
  • Encourage state-level action and policy making related to Green Hydrogen
  • Encourage capacity building and skill development
  • Construct an inter-ministerial governance structure

The report intends to highlight the unique ecosystem advantages India has and how the stage is set for the country to become a global champion in green hydrogen. The report works towards a hydrogen strategy that is designed to construct a high-tech and low-carbon Indian brand.

Download the report here


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