DEWA to invest $11 billion to expand renewable energy projects in Dubai

In the next five years, Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (DEWA) intends to invest $10.88 billion in capital projects, including boosting its clean energy and renewable energy projects. According to the statement, the company plans to invest around $4.35 billion to reinforce and expand electricity, water transmission, and distribution networks. Additionally, it intends to invest $3.26 billion to complete the independent water producer projects at Hassyan, the Hassyan Power Complex, and the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Solar Park. A proportion of the capital investment will be used to complete other ongoing DEWA smart systems and infrastructure projects.

To accommodate the rising demand for district cooling services, the Emirates Central Cooling Systems Corporation, whose 70 per cent of equity is owned by DEWA, aims to invest about $816.74 million in network and capacity expansion. According to DEWA, it has strategic alliances with national and international companies to carry out initiatives involving desalination of water and renewable energy. It claimed to have established Dubai as the price standard for solar energy.

In April 2022, Nestlé Pure Life and Yellow Door Energy completed the installation of a solar power plant at Nestle’s facility in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The project is expected to produce 2,400 MWh of renewable energy. In addition, it could be part of Nestle’s 7 MW solar project at its Dubai manufacturing plants, which was announced in 2017. The companies have not disclosed any information about the project’s actual installed capacity.