Eurowind Energy to set up five energy centers

In Denmark, Eurowind Energy intends to build five big land based energy facilities. The overall capacity of all the centres will be around 2.5 GW. According to the business, all five projects will include wind turbines, solar PV, batteries, and PtX hydrogen synthesis. In addition, the business intends to focus on integrating biogas and hydrogen refining into the centres. Energipark Aalborg, Energipark Overgaard, Nrrekaer Enge II, Gasse Hede, and Vollum Enge will house the centres.

The company has secured land use agreements with the landowners for all five projects. Denmark’s greatest onshore wind farm is Overgaard Energy Park. The company has commenced the process of developing more than 700 hectares of land for solar PV on the same. However, for the projects Nrrekaer Enge II, Gasse Hede, and Vollum Enge, the business is in discussions with municipalities to organise the procedure.

In Denmark, Eurowind Energy has completed numerous hybrid parks that include both solar PV and wind turbines. Efforts are being made to convert these parks into energy centres.


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