HERC approves 800 MW wind solar hybrid power procurement

The Haryana Electricity Regulatory Commission (HERC) sanctioned a Power Sale Agreement (PSA) proposed by Haryana Power Purchase Center (HPPC) for procuring 800 MW of Interstate Transmission System (ISTS)-connected wind-solar hybrid power (Tranche IV) from Solar Energy Corporation of India (SECI). The Commission approval is sanctioned at a tariff of Rs 2.34/ kWh and Rs 2.35/ kWh for 700 MW and 100 MW capacity respectively. HERC also gave consent for the trading margin of ₹0.07/kWh. HPPC is asked to submit a copy of the signed PSA within seven days from signing of the PSA.

In February 2022, SECI invited bids to establish 1,200 MW ISTS connected wind-solar hybrid power projects on a build-own-operate framework across India. As offered by SECI, HPPC agreed to procure 1,200 MW of wind-solar hybrid power at Rs 2.34/kWh. However, later SECI informed HPPC that the latter could procure only 800 MW of power out of total capacity of 1,200 MW as it had consented for power supply to other buyers. 

Through the sanctions, total installed capacity of 2,050 MW solar will be available with Haryana discoms by the end of 2022-23 that constitutes 450 MW rooftop solar and 1,565 MW non-solar, including 1,300 MW wind capacity. After revision of solar RPO targets beyond 10.5 per cent, additional solar power will be needed for fulfillment of solar RPOs of discoms for 2022-23 and beyond.