Rajeev Ranjan: Business Development Manager, Hero Future Energies

Business Development Manager, Hero Future Energies

Rajeev Ranjan has extensive experience in the renewable energy space. He started his career in 2014 as a management trainee with Inox Wind in the operations domain. Soon after, he became a business analyst to the CEO. He joined Hero Future Energies in early 2022 and is at present its business development manager, responsible for project and business development. Prior to this, he worked with JSW Energy as project manager in the PMO domain, and with the Engie Group as business development deputy manager in the conventional energy sector and in the buildings and complex structures consulting domain. He was also associated with Senvion as project development manager for three years.

For Ranjan, the most exciting part of his current role is that it gi­ves him exposure to a comprehensive mix of knowledge on the project engineering, development and commercial aspects of the bu­s­­i­ness. “Hero Future Energies has been in this business for a long time and the organisation offers great learning,” he says. India has huge potential for offshore wind given its vast co­as­tline. “The ministry should support this sector through means such as viability gap funding in the initial years. Agencies such as the NIWE should be strengthened so that they can do more research in the offshore segment, which requires large capital. Meanwhile, for onshore wind, land acquisition must be streamlined, he believes.

In terms of management, Ranjan believes that wind energy projects are slightly different from other renewable energy projects. “The dynamic policy environment has influenced my management style to also be very dynamic. It is important to not hesitate in exploring new ways of site and capex optimisation. Tariffs are reducing and high PLF sites are getting exhausted. The only way to progress in this scenario is to be open to exploring new technologies in project execution and products. I also empower and encourage my team to come up with innovations,” he says.

In his spare time, Ranjan enjoys cooking. “I was taught cooking by my father while I was in tenth grade. This helped me stay healthy during my higher studies when I stayed away from home,” he shares. He also spends time exploring new technologies th­rough video blogs.

Ranjan has a degree in electrical engineering and an MBA in power management from the National Power Training Institute. Going forward, he wishes to work end to end on offshore wind project in India.