Solax Power launches new series of rooftop string inverters

Solax Power has introduced a new st­­ri­ng inverter series called X3-Forth, which is designed for use in the commercial segment. The dimensions of the X3-For­th series are 985 x 660 x 327.5 mm, and the weight ranges from 77 kg to 83.3 kg. The new series co­mes with up to 12 MPPT inputs and is expected to supply up to 32 ampere (A) of MPPT power. The X3-forth series al­so features smart fan cooling and IP66 protection. It can function at altitudes of up to 3,000 metres. The maximum PV array input power ran­ges from 120 kW to 225 kW, with a maximum PV input voltage of 1,100 V. In ad­di­tion, their efficiency ra­nges from 98.6 per cent to 99 per cent, with a 99.9 per cent MPPT ef­ficiency for all products. As per a company release, the X3-Forth series can harvest more solar energy and sustain stable working over a long pe­riod of time with only 200 V, low start-up voltage, 150 per cent oversized input po­wer, and 110 per cent AC output po­wer. Also, the new series is  equipped with a surge protection device, AFCI pro­te­c­tion, AC terminal temperature mo­ni-toring, and other protection modules to diagnose the system internally.


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