Power and new and renewable minister reviews progress of solar rooftop scheme

The union minister of power and new and renewable energy has reviewed the progress of the rooftop scheme and given directions for simplifying the scheme, so that the people are able to access it easily.

As per the minister’s directions, it will not be necessary for any household to get the rooftop system installed by any of the listed vendors.  The households may also install the system by themselves or get it installed by any vendor of their choice, and inform the distribution company (discom) about the installation along with a photograph of the system which has been installed. The discom will have to be given an intimation of the installation through a letter or on the designated website. Furthermore, the discom will ensure that the net metering will be provided within 15 days of the information being received.

The government will give a subsidy of 40 per cent for rooftop solar systems of up to 3 kW capacity and 20 per cent beyond that up to 10 kW which will be credited to the account of the householder by the discom within 30 days of the installation. In addition, to ensure that the quality of the solar panel and inverter meets the prescribed standard, the government will periodically publish a list of solar panel and inverter manufacturers whose products meet the expected quality standards, as well as price lists, from which the householder can select the solar panels and inverters.


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