Study on Pricing Mechanism for Energy Generated by Pumped Hydro Energy Storage (PHES) in India

The growth of PHES in India has been tepid so far. The Central Electricity Authority of India has estimated a PHES potential of 96 GW, of which only 3.3 GW is currently operational in India. This slow pace can be attributed to the high cost associated with the commissioning of PHES plants, the long gestation period (due to delays in obtaining environmental clearances), and the poor recovery from the existing pricing mechanism of PHES.

To resolve the issue of low recovery from the existing pricing mechanism, and to fully recover the cost that has been incurred by a PHES plant during pumping, this study report recommends a differential pricing mechanism for PHES during its pumping and generating mode (or peak and off-peak operation). The profit generation from the differential pricing mechanism should be used for fixed-cost recovery. Additionally, it is recommended that the pricing mechanism be developed for specific use cases, such as peak-load shaving and RE smoothing. The report illustrates the pricing mechanism for Tehri PHES in Uttarakhand and Pinnapuram PHES in Andhra Pradesh.

The complete report can be accessed here


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