Clean Vision announces purchase of 2.5 tonne pyrolysis plant through its subsidiary Clean-Seas India

Clean Vision Corporation (CLNV), a global holding company that acquires and operates sustainable clean tech and green energy enterprises, has announced the purchase of a 2.5 tonne per day pyrolysis plant for export to Hyderabad, India, through its Clean-Seas India subsidiary.

The company’s significant financial investment backs up its previously announced MoU with the Council of Scientific and Industrial Research -Indian Institute of Chemical Technology, which was signed in October, 2021 . The MoU states that both parties will collaborate to introduce Clean-Seas’ waste plastic-to-energy conversion technology to India to assist alleviate the country’s expanding waste streams and produce clean energy as part of the Indian government’s $1 trillion renewable energy infrastructure plan.

As per the company’s statement, the aim of this pilot project is to demonstrate CLNV’s technology to the Indian government, which is working hard to establish a greener, cleaner economy. Within 30 days, the company is expected to announce further details of their waste plastic-to-hydrogen conversion technology and an overview of the current and projected global hydrogen economy. The pyrolysis unit owned by C-SI will be shipped to India in February 2022 for delivery and installation. The pyrolysis plant will be outfitted with patented technology to improve its ability to create hydrogen and low-sulphur diesel fuel more effectively. Hydrogen, according to experts in the clean tech industry, will be the ultimate, clean fuel of the future.


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