Goldi Solar launches its new Heloc Pro module series

Goldi Solar has launch­ed its new product line, the Heloc Pro module series, featuring mono-facial and bi-facial mo­dules with M10 wafer size. The panels are available in premium silver and black frames in the following variants: white, transparent, glass-to-glass and all black. The product features an area of 2.58 sq­uare metres, weighs 32 kg and has a generation capacity of up to 560 W. It can be used in utility, agriculture, industrial and rooftop applications, and is compatible with central and string inverters. The main characteristics of these modules are a higher module conversion efficiency of up to 21.7 per cent and reduced resistance. Heloc modules new circuit design with multi-busbar technology reduces current losses. Moreover, it has advanc­ed glass and cell surface textured de­sign, which ensures excellent performan­ce in low light environments and reduces hotspot losses.

Heloc modules are adaptable with panel cleaning robots as well as with trackers and fixed mounting systems. The modules have been shown to provide mechanical support in up to 5,400 Pa snow load and 2,400 Pa wind load, and feature an innovative frame design for improved support. The panels are also certified to function at optimal performance in various geographic and ad­verse climatic conditions. The modules are protected by a performance guarantee of 30 years and a product warranty of 12 years.


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