Hypontech launches a new three-phase inverter

Hypontech has introduced its latest three-phase inverter, HPT 30-50 kW. The HPT 30-50 kW is equipped with eight string inputs and four maximum power point trackers, allowing for a variety of module orientations and taking care of shading issues as well. Further, the inverters are compatible with solar panels rated over 600 W with a maximum input current of 16 A. The inverters have integrated Hypontech’s unique tracking and control algorithm. This allows dynamic tracking of solar power in order to maximise production despite intensity variations, and has a reported conversion efficiency of up to 98.8 per cent. The inverter chassis is made of aluminium and is entirely die-cast and protected with AkzoNobel’s protective spray. Thus, these products have an IP65 designation, and reportedly offer excellent environmental resistance. Further, the inverter series comes with a number of monitoring options, including RS 485, Wi-Fi and GPRS. Hypontech’s HiManager, a 1-to-32 data controller, makes monitoring of large solar projects much easier and more cost effective, with remote support and notifications in case of malfunction through a link to HiPortal.


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