Ohmium International launches green hydrogen electrolyser gigafactory in Bengaluru

Ohmium International, a renewable energy firm based in the US, has launched India’s first green hydrogen electrolyser gigafactory through its Indian subsidiary. The factory is located in Bengaluru, India. In this gigafactory, Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) hydrogen electrolysers will be manufactured. The initial manufacturing capacity of the factory will be 500 MW per year, with a target of scaling it up to 2 GW per year.

Ohmium aims to ensure the availability of an end-to-end solution within India and cut down India’s dependence on imports for green hydrogen and related equipment. The technology is expected to be both distributed and scaled-up. The establishment of the factory is in line with India’s vision of boosting the production of green hydrogen and subsequently, becoming an export hub for the green fuel.

Electrolysers use power generated from renewable resources to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. It is the primary equipment used for the production of green hydrogen. Green hydrogen has zero carbon footprint and can be utilised for the production of fertilisers, refinery processing, steel production, methanol blending in conventional vehicles and direct hydrogen transportation in fuel-cell-based vehicles. It can also be stored and transported.


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