SOFARSOLAR Announces Strategic Global Partnership with POWER N SUN

Sofar Solar, a leading and fast growing solar string inverter company, has announced that they have appointed Power n Sun as their strategic global partner. The two companies will work together especially for residential, commercial and industrial sectors. They will collaborate on string inverters up to 255 KW, Hybrid and storage inverters and Lithium-ion battery power packs.

SOFAR SOLAR is one of the subsidiaries of SOFAR Group in China and specialised in R&D, production, sales and service of grid-tied inverters and other related renewable products.

SOFAR SOLAR has become a household inverter brand in India and won honors such as “The Best Inverter Company in India”, “Top Rooftop Inverter Brand” and so on by many well-known institutions in India. SOFAR SOLAR inverters are far ahead in the industry in terms of product technology, which have obtained the BIS certification.

“In the beginning of this year, SOFAR SOLAR announced the official entry of a 1500V 255KW inverter into the Indian market. With the launch of the 1500V 255KW inverter, SOFAR SOLAR market share in India will increase to a new growth point”,  said Brijesh Prajapati, Managing Director- SOFARSOLAR India (India-SAARC).

Power n Sun is a solar solutions, supplies and system company across continents having head office in Dubai are largest value added distributors of Middle East.

Sofar Solar, Power n Sun jointly pledged to train at least 500 solar aspirants and installers per year as their contribution to speed up the solarisation in the region, said Brijesh Prajapati in his statement.



SOFARSOLAR was established in 2013 in China with currently 9 own subsidiaries in Australia,  India,  Italy,  Poland,  Germany,  Wuxi,  Shenzhen,  Dongguan and Xinyang, specializes in R&D,  production,  sales and service of grid-tied inverters ranging from 1kW to 255kW, hybrid inverters ranging from 3kW to 20kW, battery storage systems and EV charging. SOFARSOLAR is currently known to be one of the top 5 string inverter companies found throughout China. SOFARSOLAR, certified by ISO9001&ISO 14001, with around 600 employees, is equipped with a very strong R&D team and the major R&D personnel have more than 10 years’ experience in the PV industry.


Power n Sun is One stop solar Solutions, Supplies and System company supporting residential, commercial and industrial installations for on-Grid, Off-Grid and PV diesel Hybrid systems in South Asia, Middle East and Africa region. Company design, supply and supervise solar projects and support Solar installations with complete solar components; Solar Inverters, Pv modules, Balance of system and solar monitoring & control solutions with the objective of maximizing value and energy yield at the least cost. 

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