OERC invites suggestions on proposed Forecasting and Scheduling regulations for wind and solar project

The Odisha Electricity Regulatory Commission (OERC) has asked for suggestions on the proposed Forecasting, Scheduling, and Deviation Settlement of Wind and Solar Generating Stations at the State Level Regulations, which would take effect in 2021. The last date for making recommendations or filing objections is September 2, 2021. To ensure system security, stability, and dependability, the state load dispatch centre (SLDC) would evaluate wind and solar generating predictions for week-ahead, day-ahead, intra-day operations, scheduling, and long-term forecasts.

The proposed regulations would apply to all wind and solar generators linked to the state grid, including rooftop photovoltaic (PV) solar and net-metered solar installations connected through separate feeders at 33 kV and higher. It also includes those linked through pooling stations, as well as the electricity generated for self-consumption or sale inside or beyond Odisha. Solar or wind generators connected to a pooling station or an individual generator connected to another sub-station must have a total installed capacity of at least 5 MW.

The Odisha Power Regulatory Commission is dedicated to ensuring that the state’s electricity business is efficient and economically viable. Earlier this month, The Government of Odisha approved an investment of $213 million in four industrial projects, including three grain-based ethanol plants and one solar project


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