Swiggy partners with Reliance BP Mobility for EV adoption

Reliance BP Mobility Limited (RBML) and food delivery platform Swiggy have signed a partnership to increase the adoption of battery operatedelectric vehicles (EV) in the delivery fleet of Swiggy. RBML will build an electric mobility ecosystem and battery-swapping stations for Swiggy, across India. The deployment of EV’s, including electric two wheelers, will be supported by Jio-bp’s network of battery-swapping stations and Swiggy’s network of delivery partners. Trials for the pilot project have already begun.

On an average, each delivery partner of Swiggy covers an area of 80-100 km daily. Swiggy has a vision to cover delivery spanning 0.8million  km every day using EVs over the next four years. The adoption of EV’s aims to make the operations of Swiggy more sustainable. The partnership is also expected to lower the input costs for the company. According to Swiggy, the use of EV’s may reduce the running cost of vehicles by up to 40 per cent, thereby, improving the earnings of their delivery partners. Technical assistance and training related to battery-swapping will also be provided to the delivery partners.

The partnership is expected to create a robust and sustainable infrastructure for EV adoption in India. The transition towards EV’s in the delivery fleet of food delivery platforms such a Swiggy paves the way for greener operations and greater incomes for digital food delivery companies in India.


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