A Virtual Trade Mission connects smart energy ecosystems in India and Victoria, Australia

The rapid growth in India’s renewable energy sector is driving demand for new technologies and investments in the evolving energy landscape. Melbourne based energy tech companies had the opportunity to connect with start-ups in India through a virtual immersion program organised by Startupbootcamp, a unique economic initiative to help start-ups tap this growing sector and foster deeper business connections to stimulate trade, investment, and job creation. The Start-ups connected through a Virtual Trade Mission that took them through In-market Immersion Programs in Melbourne for Indian start-ups and in India for Victorian start-ups.

The first leg of the program saw Startupbootcamp recruiting and connecting six Indian start-ups with energy companies, government officials, mentors, and investors in Victoria through the EnergyTech Hub platform. They were given exposure on establishing a company in Victoria, understanding the Australian energy market, regulations and structure and key players, and gained direct exposure to the energy market players and the wider energy ecosystem. During this part of the leg, Startupbootcamp facilitated seven energy-focused events, connecting start-ups with more than 330 different organisations.

The second leg saw eight start-ups from Victoria being provided training through the Startupbootcamp digital platform and connecting them to partners in the Indian energy space through a series of workshops and events. These included leading Indian energy and power companies like BOSCH, Tata Power, Shell, Schneider Electric, General Electric, and Sunpower Renewables. The Indian companies presented their energy related challenges in areas such as Mobility, Blockchain, AI, ML & Deeptech, Home Automation, Data Analytics, Electric Vehicles, Renewables & Storage, Hydrogen, and Waste-to-value. This was followed by the start-ups from Victoria presenting their capabilities to enhance the Indian energy ecosystem.

Manoj Kohli, Country Head, Softbank India, and Asia Society Victoria Distinguished Fellow addressed the start-ups on investment and creating value in digital start-ups, the energy transition through renewables and EVs, future trends and opportunities in the energy industry in India and globally over the short and medium term.

The Virtual Trade Mission successfully connected startups, energy companies, government officials, mentors, and investors through a collaborative platform to stimulate and grow trade between Victoria and India. With the help of the Victorian Government in partnership with Startupbootcamp, this pilot project proved that an online program can effectively create promising international connections for start-ups and promote commercial engagements between international energy ecosystems.  Based on the success of this Virtual Trade Mission, Startupbootcamp is looking forward to working closely with its partners across government, industry, and the investment sector to expand this pilot in India and other geographies around the world”, said Abs Bulbuliya, Energy Program Director at Startupbootcamp.


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