Trina Solar releases a 510 W black solar panel

Trina Solar has launched a new black frame Vertex solar module that has a power rating of 510 W and a reported maximum efficiency of 21.2 per cent. The new module is a part of the Vertex TSM-DE18M.08(II) series and is suitable for a variety of rooftops. With a power output range of 480 W to 510 W, the product benefits from square cells and high density encapsulation.

Based on PERC cells, the module uses wafers of 210 mm size. The product has been designed with the latest multi-busbar technology. This provides better light trapping, lower series resistance and improved current collection, thereby leading to uniform loads and better performance.

Moreover, its triple-cut technology makes the module highly compatible with mainstream inverters and optimisers for rooftop projects. Especially designed for rooftop solar projects, the product has been tested under intense conditions. It can reportedly give quality performance exceeding the industry standard hail test (35 mm) as well as snow and wind loads (6,000 Pa and 2,400 Pa respectively). It comes with a 15-year product warranty and a 25-year performance warranty.


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