Solarwatt introduces its new Solarwatt Battery flex storage system

German solar manufacturer Solarwatt has developed a new battery storage system, called Solarwatt Battery flex, in collaboration with the BMW Group. The battery module components have been supplied by the BMW Group. These high-quality battery components are also used in the group’s electric vehicles (EVs). Battery flex is reportedly ideal for any solar PV system. This home storage system is modular in design with capacities ranging from 4.8 kWh to more than 240 kWh, and its individual components do not weigh more than 25 kg. This product can be integrated with direct current as well as alternating current circuits. Its comparatively lighter weight allows for easy installation. Further, the latest software version and new functionalities are always automatically uploaded through an existing internet connection.

For household use, the battery energy storage system is particularly useful to provide backup solar power during periods of high electricity demand in the morning and evening hours when solar generation is low. Thus, energy costs can be significantly reduced using this system. Further, for efficiency gains, the Solarwatt Battery flex battery storage system can be used in conjunction with the Solarwatt Manager flex. With this intelligent energy management system, energy flows can be controlled and optimised so as to reduce energy costs even further. Moreover, the Solarwatt Manager flex can also incorporate EV charging in an efficient manner. The development and production of the new storage system is being carried out in Germany and the product will be available from Solarwatt-certified premium installers from autumn 2021 onwards.


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