Okaya forays into Electric 2 wheeler segment with focus on adding spark to EV revolution

Okaya EV, the Electric Vehicle division of Okaya Power Group, launches versatile new-age Electric 2 wheeler with stunning looks and cutting-edge latest technology. Okaya EV has also launched its experience centres in Delhi and Jaipur.

New Delhi, 4th July 2021: Empowering green travel, Okaya EV, the electric vehicle division of Okaya Power Group, has unveiled an exciting range of Electric Scooters (E-Scooters) amidst great anticipation and fanfare. ‘Okaya Electric 2 Wheelers‘ boasts stunning modern looks and are equipped with cutting edge latest technology. Together with the launch of these versatile new-age Electric 2 Wheelers, Okaya EV has also launched its experience centres in Delhi and Jaipur.

Designed exclusively for Indian road and weather conditions, Okaya E-Scooters are also equipped with all the required technologies to manage increasing volatility of Indian power conditions. Okaya’s Electric 2Wheelers are available in four variants, both in VRLA Lead Acid Battery and Lithium Iron Phosphate (LFP) Battery. Offered in a multitude of colours from white, red, blue to black, green, brown and beige, Okaya EV has launched these Electric 2 Wheelers in two variants: AvionIQ series and ClassIQ series.

Okaya EV has already set up a manufacturing plant in Baddi, Himachal Pradesh with its plans of starting another plant in Haryana for the seamless supply of these state-of-the-art E-Scooters. Meanwhile, Okaya EV has also announced three more manufacturing plants spread over 34 acres to be launched in Neemrana from 2023 to 2025.

Mr. Anil Gupta, Managing Director, Okaya Power Group said, “Combined with two state-of-the-art research and development centers exclusively for Electric Vehicles in India and one overseas, OKAYA EV is uniquely placed to bring out Electric 2 Wheelers and bikes of future. Further, to ensure seamless supply of these Electric 2Wheelers, we aim to open showrooms as well as distribution and service centres all across the country. Moreover, we have immediate plans to roll out four products under this segment in this financial year and all these products would be fully made-in India and add velocity to the Government’s dream of one crore Electric Scooters on Indian roads by 2025.”

Through Electric2 Wheelers, Okaya EV has addressed three major problems which are preventing consumers from going electric. First problem which consumer faces is lack of the availability of good quality spares and services as most of the electric scooters sold in the country are import-based. Moreover, these vehicles are not suitable for Indian roads hence consumers have to suffer. Second problem is that a lot of startups are selling Electric Scooters in the country but they lack proper infrastructure, finances and professional support to handle supply chain. The third problem is that currently most of the Electric Scooters manufacturers in India come from their petrol scooter manufacturing background with hardly any expertise in Electric Vehicle industry.

However, Okaya EV believes that in Electric Scooter what matters is its battery, electronics and software. Okaya EV is uniquely qualified to make India proud in Electric Scooter industry due to its 31 years of expertise in battery manufacturing, coupled with 35 years of electronics excellence through Microtek and 19 years of Okaya Infocom software experience. Further Okaya is supplying batteries in EV segment since 2016-17 and is supplying EV Chargers, charging stations since 2019, thus emerging as a key player in India’s mission to create EV Charging infrastructure. As a group it has over 11 crore satisfied customers being serviced in over 4,60,000 villages and towns with its own service team and well-developed spares and product distribution system across India.

Okaya Power Group has vast experience of handling consumers who live in areas with extreme weather conditions, and its Research and Development wing has chosen battery technology that gives 97% more cycle life to batteries and works well even at 50-degree Celsius temperature. Safety has been the key criteria in choosing batteries for Electric Scooters that are thermally very stable. With vast experience of Microtek, OKAYA EV has Chargers, Controllers and Battery management system that can withstand extreme power conditions.

With price ranging from Rs. 39,999 to Rs 60,000, Okaya E-Scooters are available all across the country.

About Okaya Power Group

OKAYA Power group has emerged as a powerful leader in the Indian Battery, Inverter and Water Purifier Manufacturing Industry, creating an everlasting impression in the market. With a span of over 40 years, we have grown by leaps and bounds in domestic market as well with footprints in 34 countries through exports in our product category across the globe. The nationwide network is supported by a strong workforce of over 2000 committed employees, and over 700 Sales and service team to ensure a hassle-free service, delivering to over 11 million happy, satisfied and smiling customers. The group imbibes Integrity, Innovation, Trust and Customer Relationship as its core values with a promise of delivering world class quality products by using the best state-of-the-art technology.


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