Waiver of ISTS charges for solar and wind extended till June 30, 2025

Ministry of Power has announced an extension of the waiver of Inter-State Transmission system (ISTS) charges on transmission of electricity generated from solar and wind sources. Earlier, the waiver was available to solar and wind projects commissioned up to June 30, 2023 and has now been extended till June 30, 2025. The waiver of ISTS charges has also been allowed for hydro pumped storage plantsas well as battery energy storage system projects to be commissioned up June 30, 2025.

As per the order, development of solar, wind, hydro pumped storage and battery energy storage system will be promoted. Further, trading of renewable energy in the power exchanges and seamless transmission of renewable power across the states is also encouraged. The waiver of transmission charges has also been allowed for trading of electricity generated or supplied from solar, wind, pumped hydro and battery energy storage in Green Term Ahead Market and Green Day Ahead Market for two years, which is till June 30, 2023.

As per the order, an intra-state transmission system which is used for the conveyance of electricity across the territory of an intervening state as well as conveyance within the state which is incidental to such inter-state transmission of electricity, shall be included for sharing of inter-state transmission charges.  Any waiver of inter-state transmission charges that applies to Inter-state transmission systems shall also be applicable to such parts of the Intra-state transmission. The transmission charges of such intra-state transmission system shall be reimbursed by the Central Transmission Utility as is being done for ISTS system. Concerned Regional Power Committees may through studies identify such lines.


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