Aerocompact introduces new ground-mounted pile-driving systems

Austrian solar PV mounting system manufacturer Aerocompact has launched a new range of ground-mounted pile-driving systems ideal for medium-sized solar power projects. The new mounting system series, COMPACTGround RAM-X, has a modular concept with just three main components. This ensures fast turnaround and short delivery times. Further, the product range has steel profiles coated with zinc-magnesium, and these are then driven into the ground. The products have a greater height than its aluminium-based G15/20 series. This, in turn, generates more energy over the same area as it also minimises shading. Further, the product range’s large-area design enables easy maintenance.

The various products that this range offers include the CompactGROUND RAM 2.1, the CompactGROUND RAM 1.1 and the CompactGROUND RAM 2.2. The CompactGROUND RAM 2.1 is a two-leg system for south and east/ west systems. It is available in three standard configurations for 6×4, 5×4 or 4×4 modules with inclines between 10° and 25°. Meanwhile, the CompactGROUND RAM 1.1 single-leg system and the CompactGROUND RAM 2.2 two-leg systems are suitable for lengths of up to 30 metres and module inclines between 0° and 30°. Further, the modules of the RAM 1.1 are quite flexible and can be easily arranged in both portrait or landscape formats, thereby offering more applications and reduced system costs. The products come with a 10-year guarantee. In addition, the new product range can withstand high snow and wind loads, and meets the EN1991-1-3 and EN1991-1-4 standards. n


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