Panasonic launches 380 W EverVolt™ Series solar modules

Panasonic has announced a new solar module series, EverVolt™, with a rated power capacity of 380 W. These modules are ideal for residential solar systems and boast a superior module efficiency of 21.7 per cent that permits high power production in a small rooftop space.  The modules consist of half-cut cells with heterojunction technology to maximise sunlight conversion and energy yield, as these cells minimise electron loss and maximise conversion efficiency. Further, a 0.26 per cent/°C temperature coefficient produces higher output at high temperatures, which helps in optimising energy production even in warm climates. In addition, the product claims continuous power production in shaded areas for greater energy yields and output. The modules are made of n-type cells that result in minimal light induced degradation and potential induced degradation, which support reliability and longevity.

These products are covered by AllGuard and TripleGuard 25-year warranty, which covers performance, product, parts and labour for lasting value. The product boasts low annual degradation rates, with a guaranteed power output of at least 92 per cent after 25 years.


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