Sungrow releases a new central inverter for utility-scale solar plants

Sungrow has recently released its updated turnkey central inverter solution, called SG6250HV-MV. The solution has a standard 40 foot container, which integrates two units of SG3125HV outdoor central inverters, a 6.25 MVA MV transformer, a ring main unit (RMU), and auxiliary power and communication parts. This system integration helps minimise space utilisation. Further, it enables a reduction in LCoE as it generates cost savings on transportation, installation, commissioning and operations and maintenance (O&M).

The inverter solution is integrated with a built-in energy storage interface that supports bidirectional charging. Each SG6250HV-MV can connect to 60 units of DC-DC converters and more than two units of a 10 MWh battery system. Thus, the inverter solution provides energy storage on the DC side, thereby helping ensure grid stability. The SG6250HV-MV is fully in compliance with IEC 62271-202/212, and the outdoor RMU and roofless design can completely meet IAC test requirements.


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