Trina Solar introduces its new 670 W Vertex module

Trina Solar has unveiled a new ultra-high power Vertex module with a single panel power of 670 W. This is a type of 210mm module and bears non-destructive cutting, which reduces the risk of cell micro crack and power loss. Meanwhile, its high density interconnection and multi-busbar (MBB) technology improve the module efficiency to up to 21.6 per cent. It also has low voltage and high string power for enhanced product performance.

The 670W Vertex module is suitable for large utility-scale power plants. It is reportedly ideal for low-cost power plants as it can help reduce the non-silicon cost of silicon wafers and cells for the upstream supply chain. On the downstream end, it can reduce the cost of trackers, pile foundations, cables and labour. Thus, the product can significantly reduce the installation time, as well as balance of system costs and LCoE. The module series has received IEC certification from TÜV Rheinland after passing the complete reliability test.