SunPower launches a new monitoring app to manage solar and storage

SunPower Corporation has launched the mySunPower™ app through which homeowners can review and manage their energy generation, consumption and battery storage settings from a mobile device. This app is integrated with the company’s existing homeowner platform and delivers actionable energy insights to users. Thus, users can optimise energy use, minimise costs and become less dependent on traditional energy providers, especially during blackouts and natural disasters.

Its various monitoring features include storage system controls through which users can control their battery settings for cost reduction and power backup in case of unforeseen power outages. In addition, Equinox customers with production meters can tune in to live data and view the immediate impact of their energy choices. Further, the in-app notification features alert homeowners in case of changes to their system status, connectivity and weather conditions. The app is expected to greatly improve homeowners’ monitoring experience.


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