SATEC releases its new PRO Series of solar meters

SATEC has introduced its PRO Series of cost-effective power meters for advanced power applications, including waveform recording and AC/DC power metering. This is available as the PM335 panel mount form factor design and the EM235 DIN-rail form factor design. The product line has an advanced communication platform, including IEC 61850, DNP3 and Dual Port Ethernet. This makes it fit for digital substation and industrial energy management.

Since it accepts either AC or DC voltage and current inputs, the one PRO Series meter can be used to monitor and record the DC output power of a solar installation while a second can be used for the inverter AC output. The data from the two meters can then be used to measure system efficiency and identify performance issues. The product has a modular design and offers various benefits including revenue-grade accuracy and intuitive colour display with icons that facilitate easy set-up and display. It has an expandable modular I/O, which is both analog and digital for up to 26 additional channels. Its PLC functionality provides up to 64 programmable set points and its 16 GB on-board memory can support extensive energy profiling and power quality event recording. It can be seamlessly integrated with SATEC ExpertPower, DNP and other third-party platforms. For assessing power quality, it can record the harmonics, crest factor, k-factor and event capture of sags and swells.


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