Clenergy introduces two new solar mounting systems for flat roofs

Clenergy’s PV-ezRack® has recently launched two new solar mounting systems for flat roofs. These low ballast rail-less solutions are named PV-ezRack® Ascent and PV-ezRack® Ascent Wings. While the former is a south/north-facing solution suitable for flat roofs, the latter is an east/west-facing system that is optimal for structurally challenging roofs owing to its adequate surface utilisation. Moreover, Ascent Wings allows greater energy production due to multiple angular options. Both the mounting solutions are based on PV-ezRack® ComT with Ballast, and have been enhanced for an optimised structure with a more flexible tilt angle and a lower ballast.

The products have undergone the stringent boundary layer wind tunnel test, conducted by test agency Wacker Ingenieure GmbH (Wacker). This, along with structural optimisation, allows optimum ventilation for maximum energy output. The new mounting structures are also easy to install owing to the click connection between the legs and bases, and save storage space due to the innovative rear leg extension. Both Ascent and Ascent Wings are compatible with PV modules up to 2,180×1,100 mm (length by width) and can accommodate PV module frames with heights ranging from 30 mm to 46 mm. They have been designed to accommodate optimisers and microinverters as well. These solutions are made from aluminium and reportedly feature high corrosion resistance.


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