BGR Energy partners with Ireland’s Fusion Fuel Green for the green hydrogen project

Ireland’s Fusion Fuel Green, an Ireland-headquartered green hydrogen technology company, will be setting up a demonstrator plant for Indian engineering, procurement, and construction contractor, BGR Energy to generate green hydrogen cost-effectively. The plant will be coming up in Cuddalore, Tamil Nadu in the second half of 2021. Thereafter, projects will be co-developed with BGR throughout India. A Memorandum of Understanding for the same has been signed by the two companies.

After setting up the demonstrator plant in 2021, there are plans to co-develop larger-scale projects in the region to supply hydrogen for green ammonia and bio-ethanol production and as a feedstock for other heavy industrial applications. The companies will use BGR Energy’s extensive client network and existing commercial footprint to develop projects throughout India. BGR reported that their broad competencies in the energy, environment, and industrial sectors, along with experience of developing more than 12 GW of power plants and balance-of-plant-related services in India make them well-positioned to take the lead in developing green hydrogen production infrastructure in the region.

Enabling cost-effective domestic production of green hydrogen is critical for India in the future. Fusion Fuel claims to have developed its proprietary electrolysis solution using solar energy to create hydrogen with zero carbon emissions. The system allows for the production of green hydrogen at the same cost levels as brown hydrogen.


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