Moradabad Smart City invited bids for setting up 25 solar-based water ATMs

Moradabad Smart Cityhas floated a request forproposal to install 25 solar-based waterATMs to provide safe drinking water in the city. Developers will be required to carry out the design, construction, installation, and operation of the solar-based water ATMs at public places along with stainless steel water storage tanks. They would also be responsible for maintaining the ATMs for three years. The work must be completed within four months of the date of the award. Once completed and operational, the developers are required to submit weekly test reports of water output to the engineer-in-charge.

Bidders will be selected using the quality and cost-based selection methodology which assigns a 70 per cent weightage for technical evaluation and 30 per cent for financial evaluation. To be eligible, applicants must be original equipment manufacturers, authorised dealers or distributors, or Indian companies. They must also have had experience installing, commissioning, and operating at least ten water ATMs or more for at least a year continuously in the last five years. The financial criteria specify that the bidder must have had an annual average turnover of Rs 25 million in the last three financial years.

The tender follows a number of solar developments under the smart city missions in the country. In February 2021, Tumakuru Smart City Limited invited bids for the development of a 20 MW floating solar power project at the Bugudanahalli Reservoir in the district. In January 2021, Thanjavur Smart City Limited invited bids from developers to set up a 3 MW solar power project at the Sirajudeen Nagar Sewage Treatment Unit in the city.


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