BEL floats tender for supply of polycrystalline modules for 2.86 MW of solar capacity in Maharashtra

Bharat Electronics Limited (BEL) has issued a tender for the supply of polycrystalline solar modules for 2.86 MW of grid-connected solar power projects that will be located in Akola and Amravati in Maharashtra. The modules must be delivered within four weeks of the purchase order. The modules must also come with a five-year warranty from the date of commissioning or six months from the date of supply, whichever is earlier. There is no requirement for earnest money deposit. The last date to submit bids is January 27, 2021.

The polycrystalline modules fulfil the specification of the Tier-I category under the Bureau of Indian Standards and have a conversion efficiency of at least 16 per cent under standard testing conditions. They must also be designed to withstand humidity of up to 85 per cent and temperatures in the range of -10 and +85 degrees Celsius. Toughened low iron glass with a minimum thickness of 3.2/4 mm must be used to make the crystalline silicon modules. Further, the modules should be warranted for their output peak watt capacity which must be at least 90 per cent of the initial value at the end of 10 years and at least 80 per cent in 25 years.  The back sheet of the crystalline silicon-based modules must be of a three-layered structure with the outer layer made of fluoropolymer, the middle layer of polyester-based, and the inner layer of fluoropolymer or UV resistant polymer.

In December 2020, the Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited invited bids for the supply of monocrystalline solar modules for a 2 MW solar project in the state.


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