Gujarat announces new solar policy with incentives for residential, commercial, and industrial developers

The Gujarat government has announced its new Gujarat Solar Power Policy, 2021, which lays down incentives for residential, commercial, and industrial solar developers. Under the policy, third-party projects will be eligible to sell power to the state. Further, they will be eligible to set up solar projects for self-use with no ceiling on the capacity of the project. The ceiling of 50 per cent of the contracted load for solar projects has also been removed. Among other announcements, the security deposit payable by developers to discoms has been reduced from Rs 2.5 million per MW to Rs 500,000 per MW. While there will be no banking charges for residential consumers and government buildings, high tension and low tension consumers will have to pay Rs 1.50 per kWh. All other consumers will pay banking charges of Rs 1.10 per kWh. For captive power projects, there will be no cross-subsidy surcharge or additional surcharge. The new policy will be valid till December 31, 2025.


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