DSM releases its new solar module backsheet D15

DSM has launched its all-purpose Endurance backsheet, D15, which is built on the same successful co-extrusion technology platform as DSM’s existing B series with its unique polyolefin strong core. According to the company, D15, the newest addition to the Endurance backsheet portfolio, delivers excellent protection and durability performance. The backsheet is made of tough material, which safeguards against natural conditions like damp heat, ultraviolet (UV) radiation, high and low temperature cycle and other sequences. It has been introduced in the midst of an unprecedented backsheet failure in the industry. The Endurance backsheet D15 is co-extruded in a single-step process with no adhesives needed so as to create a strong multi-material, made from polyolefin instead of PET. This reportedly enables the D15 backsheet to provide good moisture protection and sand abrasion resistance along with outstanding mechanical, UV and chemical resistance.


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